The Team

Philip James

Philip James and Mari trained together in the prestigious School of Jewellery in Birmingham over 27 years ago and have remained friends and colleagues ever since.

Phil is a highly trained Goldsmith having worked for several large jewellery companies he also ran his own private studio / workshop for the last 15 years specialising in gold, platinum and gem set jewellery. Phil’s passion for craftsmanship, attention to detail and high quality handmade items is a asset to Mari Thomas Workshop.

Katie Owen

Katie first joined the workshop in 2012 with a First class Honours degree in Jewellery and Ceramics. As Mari’s left hand lady, Katie’s skilled and hardworking approach at the bench ensures that Mari’s collections are consistently well stocked to meet the customers’ demands not only in our gallery but also at MT stockists, showcase events and festivals across the the workshop is always a hive of activity.

Alongside this, when she isn’t at the bench, Katie can either be found in her part time position as jewellery technician at Carmarthen School of Art, where she completed her training, or continuing her own creative practice, having exhibited in galleries across the UK and further afield.

Stephanie Watts

Originally from the area of Llandeilo, Stephanie joined the team in 2013 as gallery manager bringing with her a breadth of knowledge of the surrounding area, perfect for our customers visiting the town. With a passion and enthusiasm for all the pieces available for purchase at the gallery, she applies this to her role of curating exhibitions and connecting with new designer jewellers as well as our existing ones.

Always greeting customers with a warm welcome whilst providing a fresh and inviting atmosphere, the gallery is in Steph’s capable hands, ensuring our excellent customer service is maintained.

Sara Bunyan

First and foremost a qualified teacher, her full time profession during the week, Sara’s position at the gallery began on a short term basis, offering to help out on busy Saturdays over a period of 3 months.

Six years later, Sara is still very much a part of the team and just as passionate about keeping a high level of customer service, always willing to go over and above for the customer. Her high spirits keep the gallery alive with laughter during the weekend rush, never being one to shy away from good banter which can be heard in both English and Welsh, her first language.

Emma Roper

Emma is the company’s Accounts Manager, She initially came to work for Mari 2011 and since then, her role within Mari Thomas Jewellery has grown considerably.

Having her flawless efficiency behind the scenes has helped provide a solid structure for the business, supporting it as it continues to grow. Ensuring all i’s are dotted, all t’s are crossed and all figures are in check, Emma is an invaluable member of the team, keeping us all in line and organised so that the gallery and workshop can run as smoothly as possible.

Emma can be contacted for any accounts related queries on

Natacha Coleman

Natacha Coleman has worked with Mari at many events, shows and exhibitions since 2010 and has recentely joined the team permenantely as Workshop Administrator.

Natacha has a BA honours degree in Leisure and Management and has owned her own bespoke cake craft and design business. A stickler for detail Natacha brings enthusiasm and energy to the talented team at Mari Thomas Jewellery helping them to maintain their high standards.



Kerry Peachey

Kerry is the newest Jeweller to join our team. He has a background and international career in Electronics and Computing but his passion for jewellery making began in 2009 when, under the tuition of Mari he made his wife a silver pendant for their 25th wedding anniversary. He has been hooked ever since!

Now Katie’s right hand man the standards instilled in him over the years by MT workshop and Gower College have remained and he strives for the best craftsmanship and finish in everything he makes.



Caroline Rees

Caroline has worked closely with Mari on the marketing and PR of her business over the last 7 years which have included many long cups of coffee, a few glasses of gin and a memorable moment that included Sting in the Albert Hall. Never a dull meeting!

She is also an independant freelance marketing consultant with a long career in marketing in Paris, London and south Wales. She has experience across all sectors which brings a unique perspective to her work.

Caroline and can be contacted for any press related or communications queries on 07866 685828 or