Only Men Aloud - Unplugged CD

Mari has worked with the award winning Only Men Aloud and the wonderful Tim Rhys Evans for many years; not only dressing them for stage and screen but also creating an OMA jewellery collection which, with every purchase raises money for the Aloud Charity.

We are delighted to have their newest CD available to purchase here.

This album is unique and wonderful and in Tim’s own words…

“We’ve been very privileged over the years to have worked with some incredible orchestras, amazing bands and had more than our fair share of big production treatment in our live shows.

However, I must confess that some of my most cherished moments of working with Only Men Aloud are those spent in a rehearsal room with just voices, a piano and no amplification. I’ve often thought how nice it would be to share some of this more intimate style of music making with an audience and that is why this album has been such a pleasure to make.

This is the Only Men Aloud that I have the pleasure of working with every week…. no bells, no whistles but, I hope you agree, some beautiful music… for me, this is Only Men Aloud in its purest form and I hope you enjoy the stripped-back approach that is Only Men Aloud Unplugged”

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