Designers at Mari Thomas

The MT Gallery in Llandeilo not only displays Mari’s own collections but also showcases some of the best Welsh and international designer jewellers and artists.

Abigail Brown

Abigail specializes in silversmithing using hand raising and sinking techniques to create jewellery which are graceful and sculptural in apprearance She aims to represent the warmth and softness of the human form in a material that is by nature hard and cold; to create a piece of silverware that can be worn, that is tactile, sensual and invites interaction.

Alice Stewart

Alice makes enchanting and sophisticated jewellery. Her ideas come from nature and the countryside; from the smallest flower to a flock of birds she takes in the details and carves it in her work by hand which gives her work an exquisite delicacy creating pieces that are playful but always feminine.

Ann Catrin Evans

Ann is international designer who's work ranges from small scale and wearable to major architectural pieces. These include a National Eisteddfod Crown and the door furniture of Wales Millennium Centre. Her most recent jewellery explores the light and brittle nature of wrought iron and silver with her energetic force, strength and skill as a blacksmith.

Brian Eburah

Brian lives in the mists of the Welsh country side. Recreating natural forms inspired by the hills valleys and coastal paths around him. He creates a myriad of colours using unusual materials such as niobium and titanium mixing these to a dramatic effect with gold silver and gem stones.

Burnish and Black

Katrina Nolan, the Founder of Burnish & Black, trained at Middlesex University and graduated in 2012 with a BA Hons First Class degree. This collection in sterling silver of simple yet perfectly balanced 2D and 4D forms are inspired by the shapes created by Russian Constructivists artists Aleksandr Rodchenko & Luibov Popova.

Charlotte Rowenna

Charlotte Rowenna, recently graduated from Birmingham’s prestigious School of Jewellery. Using her bench skills, wax carving techniques and CAD software’s, creating unique pieces of sculptural jewellery. Inspired by the rugged forms and textures found on the coast and woodlands of Pembrokeshire

Charmian Ottaway

During her time with Cartier Ltd Charmian discovered her love of fine jewellery. Her work is characterised by classic forms, mixed with influences from the ancient world of Greece and Rome. She particularly likes to work with high carat gold and pearls, however, many of her collections are made in silver with carefully selected precious and semi-precious stones.

Chris Boland

His bespoke jewellery revolves around each carefully considered natural and untreated gem stone. He believes it is important to tell the story of the stone showing the unique qualities of the inclusions in each gemstone by using strong, bold shapes influenced by architectural metal work and sculpture.

Corgi Cashmere

Established in 1892, this local company has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving and successful business specialising in products made from the finest cashmere. They were awarded a Royal Warrant in 1989 by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales. Corgi has collaborated with some of the world’s best known designer labels – Ralph Lauren, Thom Browne and J Crew to name a few

Deborah Edwards

Quirky, intriguing and beautifully hand crafted jewellery by this Monmouth based jeweller. Whether it depicts childhood memories, a family event or nature inspired forms Deborah's work is characturised by hand crafted lines creating details within each piece which often include surprise elements of layers and movement.

Elen Thorpe

Ellen Thorpe’s jewellery is made with sterling silver and glass beads, which she hand-makes in her workshop on Anglesey, North Wales. Her work explores organic shapes and structures, translating delicate forms of nature in bold and durable pieces.

Ellen Monaghan

Tumbling chains of unique links incorporate precious gemstones to create necklaces that change with each movement of the wearer. Rings create lines that guide the eye around the hand to land on colourful jewels set within the design. Earrings play with the space around the ear and neck to create continuous flowing lines that draw the eye. Each handmade piece is created using a sketch-like making process with square wire using folding and forging techniques referencing observational drawings of architectural ironwork.

Emma Sedman

Emma is a contemporary jewellery designer working with silver and enamel. Inspired by colour her designs explore beautiful transparent colours fused within geometrical shapes creating striking, simple, and timeless designs highlighted by precious metal leaf.

Emma Turpin

Her love for the bygone era, of Victoria life, interiors and buildings, influences many aspects of the Maiden’s Garlands collection. Individually hand folded fine silver rosettes by Emma adorn each piece of jewellery. Passionate for traditional craft and marrying it with a modern style she creates contemporary beautiful jewellery which brings together the old and new

Gabriella Casemore

Vintage Japanese kimono fabrics and the repetitive patterns found in flowers fascinate Gabriella Casemore. She explores these designs by first working out her ideas in paper which she folds, cuts and layers before translating this into silver. The flat sheet silver is then transformed into the complex three dimensional delicate pieces of jewellery.

Hanna Tommola

Hannah creates fluid organic forms that capture the essence of her childhood memories of exploring the enchanting woods and lakes of her native Finland or as a little girl being taught by her grandfather how to work flexible Birch bark to create sustainable everyday items. She brings these soft and delicate qualities out of precious metals and into her jewellery. Hannah is now based in Cork Ireland.

Holly McAfee

Holly McAfee’s jewellery designs are inspired by her surroundings on the east coast of Scotland. The working of the metal itself also dictates the final forms within each piece. Intricate detailing and tactile textures contrast with smooth, swirling wires.

Jodie Hook

Beautifully structured in it’s simplicity, jewellery that is inspired by rolls, twists and loops of satin ribbon. Capturing these shapes in silver using traditional techniques, she skillfully manipulates the metal so it sits comfortably and elegantly on the body. Her platinum pieces won the Lonmin Design Innovation award 2009

Karen Williams

The Filament collection by Karen Williams is based on the wind-blown marram grass found around the southern beaches of Anglesey where she lives. As the seasons progress the fresh spring shoots fade to gold. These pieces are sterling silver and silver plated with gold.

Kate Wimbush

Kate Wimbush combines silver and gold with brightly coloured resin to create fun, figurative jewellery and accessories. Her inspiration comes from her love of the coast and the wonderful weather it brings. All of her jewellery is handmade in her North Yorkshire workshop by the sea.

Katherine Campbell-Legg

The key features of Katherine's work are the use of pattern, fine texture, finish and surface quality. The rolled texture and application of areas of gold are carefully considered making each piece unique. The techniques used allow Katherine to work spontaneously as if drawing on the metal. She is inspired by everything around her and particularly by the balance and detail of natural form. Katherine aims to achieve a visual harmony and energy through the juxtaposition of simple shapes.

Katy Tromans

Katy Tromans creates highly detailed, narrative jewellery with the aim to tell a story through her designs. Her pieces consist predominantly of sculptural free standing rings while incorporating stackable, memory inducing elements into pendants and bangles. Katy aims to tell a story, show a memory and allow her customers to 'wear the best chapters of their life.' In true Roald Dahl style and in keeping with our Christmas theme this year we are delighted to showcase pieces based on James and the Giant Peach.


The ‘Shimmer’ collection is bold in design but intriguingly delicate as a collection of slender silver strips dipped in decedent 24ct gold which are hung in multiples and brought to life by the movement of the wearer to create spectacular shimmering effect. This work has often appeared on the catwalk and the Clothes Show Live.

Laura Hayward

The inspiration for Laura’s collections comes primarily from the designs of jewellery of the ancient Romans and Greeks, from as early as the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD. Inspired by these techniques, Laura’s collections are a careful fusion of ancient classic design and modern detail, culminating in beautiful, wearable and desirable pieces.

Marianne Forest

Limited edition wrist watches that are influenced by a fascination with underwater objects such as diving bells and submarines, encrusted or aged by the sea.Her workshop creates a range of products to tell the time from fine watches to wall clocks to architectural projects including The Town Square clock Ebbw Vale and Cardiff’s Peirhead clock

Natalie Vardey

Natalie Vardey makes each piece of jewellery by hand, using few machines and basic tools; knitting, crocheting, and weaving precious metals for years, developing the traditional skills taught as a small child, literally at her mother’s and grandmother’s knees. This has led to experimenting with pure silver seamless tubular knitting and other materials.

Neil Rayment

Neil creates bespoke jewellery and Objet D’art, his collections are eclectic and each design is driven from the moment of conception but with fastidiousness for factual detail. The Daisy Daisy collection comes from a seasonal study of the flower’s detail through its early rise and endless summer appearance. The ever present modern twist of Swarovski crystal hand set statement and bell set pearl pendulum signifying the passing of Daisy summer time.

Rauni Higson

Situated in Snowdonia the dramatic scenery informs her beautiful highly sculptural jewellery. She is a silversmith who excels in fold forming techniques and trace of her hand and hammer can be found in every piece she makes. A Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, recent commissions have included clients such as Aspreys of Bond Street and gifts for the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge' Royal wedding.

Sabine Roth

Sabine’s jewellery is inspired by traditional textiles techniques transferred onto metal. The necklaces, bracelets and pendant earrings are made of industrially manufactured bead or curb chains which, crocheted partly or entirely, make for density and volume or an airy, ornamental structure.

Selina Campbell

Selina creates three-dimensional jewellery that capture the beauty of flora and fauna. She is greatly inspired by the spontaneous layered structures and geometric patterns displayed in nature. Each constructed single floral components are arranged to produce intriguing beautiful contemporary forms, reminiscent of growing plant life.

Sue Lane

Sue creates subtle pure and minimal contemporary designs with clean lines and a soft finish. Her interest in line and proportion is evident throughout the collections. Many designs are punctuated with diamonds and coloured stones while incorporating matt and polished finishes which highlight contrasts with different coloured precious metals.

Suzie Horan

Suzie is fascinated by the movement and reflections of the sea and the shapes found in ammonites. These delicate and beautiful structures thread through each piece of her work by hammering, shaping and pressforming the metal. The resulting body of work is light, tactile and strong with interesting and beautiful reflections. A winner of several prestigious awards for her exquisite jewellery and silverware.

Tammy Child

A captivating range of distinctive three dimensional textile accessories based on her love of sea life and tropical forms. Using fabrics that include organza and satin Tammy produces a stunning collection of scarves, wraps and fabric jewellery in an array of rich and sensual colours that generates beauty and elegance.

Yuki Mitsuyasu

A talented designer who constructs pieces intended to tell a story. ‘Shine’ is a collection that is characterised by two hearts. Each symbolizing a person. Each bold and unique from the other. Together though, they realize something brighter than if they were apart. On the Shine necklace, the two hearts brilliantly come together to complete the clasp (and pendant) as a star.