Glissando – Silver grande neckpiece


The Royal Harpist Jewellery Collection

Designed and made in honour of the Royal Harpist to the HRH Prince Charles. This Welsh tradition of the Official Harpist to the Price of Wales dates back to the 15th Century and a recent recipient of this great accolade is the talented and internationally renowned Harpist Hannah Stone who is the ambassador for this collection.

The Glissando Collection is inspired by the musical terminology closely associated with harp playing, combined with the beautiful form of the abstracted shape of the harp itself. A “glissando” is a musical term derived from the French “glisser”, to glide and refers to the sweeping across the strings with the fingers. The musical annotation for this beautifully evocative sound in particularly is what inspired Mari.

The clean contemporary lines and sparkling frosting of precious metal make this elegant, stylish and very individual jewellery.

Chain length 18″ with a break at 16″ so it can be worn either length as required.

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